Coffee Pairing – part 1

Posted by:strictlycoffee onNovember 20, 2012

From breakfast to dessert, coffee is a delicious drink to sip with food. Here are some classic coffee-food pairings that are easy to enjoy at home or out at your favorite coffee shop.
Fruit Pairings
Fresh fruits and fruit-based sweets can offer a lighter, healthier pairing option for some coffees. Just be careful not to overdo sour tones in your pairing selections.

Kenyan and Haitian coffees are great with any kind of berries, but Yemeni and Jamaican coffees are even better with blueberries.
Stonefruits – Fresh or baked into sweets, stonefruits are delicious with Tanzanian and Haitian coffees.
Tarts – Fruit tarts are exceptional with medium-to-dark roast Brazilians and Costa Ricans.

Chocolate Pairings
Chocolate and coffee is a long-standing favorite amongst food-and-drink pairings. Espresso drinks like Caffa Mochas, Caffa Lattes and Ristretto make perfect sense with chocolate, as do a number of different coffee origins. Here are some top coffee-chocolate pairings from bars to cake.

Brownies – Full-bodied coffees from Indonesia or Guatemala pair beautifully with dark chocolate brownies.
Chocolate – Chocolate cake is great with most medium- or dark-roast coffees, but is especially great with chocolaty      Guatemalans. Chocolate mousse cake is delicious with most Arabica coffees. Vanilla-bean-iced chocolate cupcakes are wonderful with Colombian coffee.
Chocolate-Dipped Fruit – Chocolate-dipped fruit is good with most African coffees. Tart chocolate-covered cherries are great with citrusy Ethiopian Sidamo in particular.
Dark Chocolate – Dark chocolate is ideally paired with Indonesian, Brazilian, Ethiopian, Guatemalan and dark roast coffees.
Milk Chocolate – It’s hard not to pair milk chocolate with all types of coffee, but Colombian, Kenyan, Sumatran, Yemeni, Ethiopian and Kona work best.
White Chocolate – White chocolate’s milder flavor pairs better with Colombian, Costa Rican and Yemeni coffees.

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Next week we take a look at pairing coffee with baked goods – enjoy!

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