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Kenyan Coffee – the pride of Africa

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If you have ever been in a top quality coffee shop like Strictly Coffee, you’ve probably seen Kenyan brands of coffee listed. But did you know that Kenyan coffee is considered by connoisseurs to be one of the world’s top coffees? Known for its premium brand, Kenya AA coffee, Kenya produces some of the world’s…

Malawian Coffee

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Malawi Coffee is meticulously processed and graded, using internationally approved standards and quality control measures, to provide a high quality offering.  Relatively unknown, Malawi coffee has of recent times made extensive developments in quality control, throughout from coffee producing (from harvest to green bean), in the brewing and cupping thereof and finally in packaging and…

The Tradition of the Coffee House

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The coffee shop concept is very much a part of today’s life style.  But few people know the actual story, tradition and social side of coffee shops or coffee houses, as they are also called.  Coffee these days is something as usual as waking up in the morning and smelling its hot flavor. But it…

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