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Jackson Brown Blend

Jackson Brown blend was named after a regular visitor to Strictly Coffee – a brown Labrador.  Jackson Brown has a smooth, soft chocolate brown coat and velvety, soulful eyes, not unlike this special blend of coffee from Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia.


Nicaraguan coffee has a full clean aroma with bright citric acidity and medium to good body.  Fruited flavours in the cup (leaning towards citrus fruit) with some chocolate powder notes in the finish.


Rwandan coffee has bright flavours and is well balanced with a medium body.  The combination of Jasmine floral characteristics, hints of chocolate and fresh citrus notes makes it an unique coffee.


Guatemalan coffee has fruited aroma with hints of toasted peanuts.  Medium malic (think apple) acidity with medium to high body.  Mild fruited flavours with hints of cocoa powder in the aftertaste.


Kenya coffee has sweet fruited (wild fruit and cookies) aroma.  Malic acidity with medium body.  Sweet biscuit flavour with a lingering aftertaste of milk chocolate notes.


Tanzanian coffee tends to be medium in body and is very soft and clean in the cup.  In the wet aroma you will detect a rustic note with sweet apricot aftertaste.  It is a rich and mellow treat.


Colombian coffee has bright floral aroma. Sweet lime-ish acidity with medium body. Complex flavours of honey, butter cocoa powder and stoned fruit leaving a clean aftertaste.

American Blend

The American Blend has been created to showcase the well-balanced flavours of Central American coffee.  It is packed with chocolate, nut and caramel flavours.


Honduras coffee has fruited (apricot) aroma with hints of dark chocolate.  Medium malic (green apple) acidity with bold body.  Mild fruited flavour with hints of stoned fruit and dark chocolate notes in the aftertaste.


Uganda coffee has bright aroma with hints of toasted bread.  Mild to medium malic acidity with good medium body.  Notes of sweet wild fruits and berries.  Slightly creamy mouthfeel with mild chocolate in the aftertaste.  The spicy finish leaves a lasting impression.


Indian coffee has bright fruited aroma – hints of spice.  Medium citric acidity (orangey) with good body.  Mild fruited notes with hints of cocoa powder in the finish.  A sweet coffee leaving a creamy mouthfeel.

African Blend

The African Blend is made up of coffees from Africa’s finest coffee growing areas.  The blend represents the typical fruity, floral flavours of Africa’s finest.

Ethiopia Sidamo

This coffee is very complex. The dry fragrance explodes with fruit. – Peach and plum are dominant fruit notes, with hints of mango. – It is flamboyantly sweet: a heady , slightly wine-toned and somewhat rustic sweetness.


Brazilian coffee has full fruited aroma with hints of burnt caramel.  Medium citric acidity with good medium body.  Creamy with fruited flavours as well as hints of nuts and some chocolate notes in the aftertaste.

Colombia Decaf

The decaffeinated coffee from Colombia satisfies with balance and body, showing floral and nutty notes.  The CO2 process was used to decaffeinate the beans as a natural alternative.

Ethiopia Limu

Ethiopia Limu has bright floral fruity aroma.  Medium citric (lemony) acidity with mild to medium body.  Flavours of stoned fruit (peach/nectarines) and Earl Grey tea. Smooth coffee leaving a creamy mouthfeel.

Costa Rica

Costa Rican coffee has full chocolate aroma with hints of honey blossom.  Vibrant citric acidity (think naartjie) with medium to high body.  Very juicy with hints of pomegranate, citrus and some stoned fruit.


Indonesian coffee is known for smooth, sweet body which is balanced and intense.  Notes of cocoa, tobacco, smoke, earth and cedar wood show well in the cup.  The acidity takes on tropical fruit notes and sometimes an impression of grapefruit or lime.

Strictly Coffee House Blend

Strictly Coffee House Blend is a blend of five coffees from Central America and Africa.  The blend displays the best characteristics of each coffee, resulting in a perfect blend for aroma, body and crisp acidity.

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