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The art of Coffee Roasting

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Many people grind their beans themselves, to ensure a fresh and flavorful cup of coffee. But not as many people roast their own. Whether you are a home-roaster or not, knowing the different roast levels and their taste characteristics can be helpful when purchasing coffee. What exactly does roasting do? The sugars, fats and starches…

The Daily Grind

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Don’t get tired of grinding your own coffee. Return to the daily grind and enjoy the taste of fresh coffee. Every time you buy fresh coffee beans and ask the Barista  at the Strictly Coffee shop to grind your beans you are opening up the “flavor cells” and causing your beans to begin losing their…

A day in the life of a Barista

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Most barista’s spend the majority of their day taking and making custom drink orders. Most seasoned barista’s have the numerous customizable options memorized, and pride themselves on creating their own signature coffee.     If you are interested in taking your coffee brewing skills to the next level,then read on… So what is a Barista? A…

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