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Flat white vs Cappuccino – what is all the fuss about?

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Flat White is an espresso-based drink common in New Zealand, Australia and South Arica It is an exceptional espresso-based drink, rich and velvety in the mouth. When compared to espresso-based drinks that have a high proportion of milk to espresso – flat-white has a much lower ratio of milk to espresso. In making a flat-white…

Coffee/Latte Art

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“While many agree that making a good cup of espresso coffee is an art within itself, ‘coffee art’, also known as ‘latte art’, refers to creative patterns made from the velvety milk foam skillfully poured into a rich crema-crowned espresso coffee.” Coffee/Latte Art is essentially an endless endeavor of creative expression, which can be created…

Rare Coffee’s at Strictly Coffee

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The world of coffee in South Africa is vast and deep. Coffee can be found anywhere from our homes to our businesses to our hotel rooms. Coffee is ingrained into our culture and way of life. Every day millions of South Africans choose from instant coffee, prepackaged ground or wholebean coffee, local roasters and mailorder…

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