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A Taste of Africa – ETHIOPIAN COFFEE

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Ethiopian Coffee is among the worlds most unusual, offering a range of flavors from winey to fruity. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is soft, with floral tones and is one of the best choices for iced coffee. Coffee from Ethiopia is a delight that shouldn’t be missed! A Taste of Africa –  ETHIOPIAN COFFEE Ethiopia is the original birthplace…

Coffee Etiquette

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Coffee Etiquette Unlike any other beverage, COFFEE is a UNIVERSAL product – the “queen of drinks” that goes with anything! Coffee can be consumed on every occasion along with any other product and is intended for just about everyone. Due to its specific qualities, it cannot be put in any category of beverages and represents…

Iced Coffee Drinks Perfect for our Summer Heat

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That hot cup of coffee with breakfast is for many of us, the highlight of our morning, the one thing that perks us up and fuels our energy. Except when it’s only 9 a.m. but already 25 degrees, as it has been for the last few days in Cape Town. For times like these, then,…

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