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The growth of Coffee Shops

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Today, the idea of a coffee house usually brings to mind a cozy place that serves gourmet coffee and espresso drinks, with couches to lounge in while you sip. So how did the coffee house get its start? The first record of a public place serving coffee dates back to 1475. Kiva Han was the…

“Lets Chat over Coffee”

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How often have you heard, or even said, “Let’s chat over a cup of coffee”? Starbucks even built an empire through the social aspect of sitting down and discussing stuff over a coffee. It is said that if you are selling your house, brewing a pot of coffee will immediately evoke the right atmosphere when…

Coffee Around the World – Turkey

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Coffee has created its own “culture” in Turkey are the famous words of the great Turkish 20th century poet, Yahya Kemal. A little bit more than a casual visit to Turkey would convince anyone that this is the case. Coffee for Turks is not simply a drink, but has its own history, its institutions (coffeehouses),…

Coffee around the world – Greek coffee

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Greek Coffee is the most popular drink in Greece. It’s a ritual of daily life, consumed at home, at work, and in coffee houses that thrive in even the smallest Greek village. Sharing a cup of coffee is a sign of friendship as well as an excuse to catch up on the day’s events, flirt…

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