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Coffee around the world

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Coffee is produced in several countries throughout the world. At Strictly Coffee we stock our Coffee Club with some of the best coffee beans in the world – bringing you taste’s from around the world. Below are some of the biggest producers. Brazil grows roughly a third of the world’s coffee. Much of the specialty…

Coffee not just for drinking?

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Besides being the much needed boost in the morning, coffee is also being increasingly used as a cosmetic. There are a lot of products that now make use of coffee in order to help you take care of your skin. Source Of Antioxidants   CoffeeBerry is a range of patented product that has been developed…

Winter has arrived – Irish Coffee anyone?

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Winter is fast approaching in the Cape, shorter days and longer evenings lend themselves to warm fire places and warm drinks. One that has been with us for a long time is the humble Irish Coffee. Below is the tale of how this humble drink came into being and has crept into our hearts –…

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