Robertson the home of Strictly Coffee

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Strictly Coffee is very proud of its heritage and we would like to share with you a little about the wonderful town we are situated in, the beautiful town of Robertson.  The town was founded in 1853 and named after the Scottish Dutch Reformed Church Minister, Dr William Robertson. Situated in the fertile Robertson Valley,…

Aeropress Coffee Now available at Strictly Coffee

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Recently Strictly Coffee  has made some changes at our shop in Robertson, we have introduced the AeroPress as an alternate coffee making solution. The customers love the new brew and here are some reasons why:   There are several reasons why AeroPress coffee tastes so good: •     Total immersion of the grounds in the…

“Lets Chat over Coffee”

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How often have you heard, or even said, “Let’s chat over a cup of coffee”? Starbucks even built an empire through the social aspect of sitting down and discussing stuff over a coffee. It is said that if you are selling your house, brewing a pot of coffee will immediately evoke the right atmosphere when…

A day in the life of a Barista

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Most barista’s spend the majority of their day taking and making custom drink orders. Most seasoned barista’s have the numerous customizable options memorized, and pride themselves on creating their own signature coffee.     If you are interested in taking your coffee brewing skills to the next level,then read on… So what is a Barista? A…

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