“Lets Chat over Coffee”

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How often have you heard, or even said, “Let’s chat over a cup of coffee”? Starbucks even built an empire through the social aspect of sitting down and discussing stuff over a coffee. It is said that if you are selling your house, brewing a pot of coffee will immediately evoke the right atmosphere when…

Drinking Coffee Before Exercise: Does It Increase Performance?

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Some studies have shown that drinking coffee before exercise can enhance exercise performance, particularly for endurance events such as longer distance running. Not all studies have shown a benefit though. A recent, well publicized study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology showed that even moderate amounts of caffeine, the equivalent of…

Is Decaf Healthy?

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Some people are told by their doctors that the caffeine has to go – yet they don’t want to give up their daily java fix. Coffee lovers sometimes switch over to drinking decaffeinated coffee as a way to get the taste without the health effects of the caffeine. Is this a good idea? Is decaffeinated…

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