What’s in a name?

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It is one thing to master the roasting and blending of coffee and a completely different challenge to name the coffee or blend. At Strictly Coffee, we tend to name the coffee after it’s country of origin. Therefore, the Colombian coffee comes from (no surprise) Colombia. In this way, we pay homage to the fact…

What’s cooking?

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There is no reason why you only need to drink coffee to wake up or even to accompany your favourite piece of cake.  Why not use it in your cooking? At this time of the year, there is nothing like a stew to warm up your body.  Why not use coffee to spice up your…

Start Your Own Coffee Club

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There are book clubs, social clubs, collecting clubs and wine clubs. And there is definitely no reason why you can’t also develop your own coffee club to share the delights of coffee with friends, neighbors and acquaintances who also share your love of coffee. Here are some suggestions to help you start your own coffee…

Coffee may ease neck and shoulder pain linked to computer use

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More South Africans are spending extended hours at their computers and laptops. How many times have you found yourself rubbing your shoulders and neck in an attempt to ease the pain , and perhaps even landed up at the doctors for medication. Well according to new research in Norway, coffee could be the answer ……

Coffee not just for drinking?

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Besides being the much needed boost in the morning, coffee is also being increasingly used as a cosmetic. There are a lot of products that now make use of coffee in order to help you take care of your skin. Source Of Antioxidants   CoffeeBerry is a range of patented product that has been developed…

Winter has arrived – Irish Coffee anyone?

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Winter is fast approaching in the Cape, shorter days and longer evenings lend themselves to warm fire places and warm drinks. One that has been with us for a long time is the humble Irish Coffee. Below is the tale of how this humble drink came into being and has crept into our hearts –…

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