At Strictly Coffee, we are passionate about the bean. As a specialist, gourmet coffee producer, we do not mass produce our coffees, but rather roast-to-order for the discerning coffee connoisseur.

We take great pride in creating the ultimate gourmet coffee. From researching the origin of the bean right through to the final roasting process. Yes, call us extreme, but there is nothing more satisfying than the inviting, comforting aromas produced as our hand-picked, expertly selected international stock of raw beans go through their unique transformation.

In truth, roasting is not simply an action, but a meticulously evolved art.

In an effort to almost ‘honour’ the origin of each bean, to truly respect the passion of those who cultivated, picked and packed our beans at the origin, we can do nothing less than bring total commitment and the best roasting techniques available to the tasting table.

Our specialty, gourmet coffees can be tasted on site at our roaster in Robertson. Hanno Schwartz, owner of Strictly Coffee, often makes the time to indulge the intrepid coffee explorer in an impromptu cupping!

After your first taste of our delicious blends, we are confident you too will make the switch from commercial coffee, to gourmet coffee.

Our roast-to-order service extends to guest houses, boutique lodges and discerning eateries, where the clientele demand a sophisticated selection of top gourmet coffees. Roasting orders take approximately one week from order to delivery. We invite you to pop in or contact us to discuss your establishment’s needs.

Roasting & Blends

Strictly Coffee has a strictly fresh policy. No, we’re not going to get fresh with you, but we are full of beans … and we prefer them fresh!


KEEP IT FRESH Whatever your choice of bean, method of grinding, or kettle of choice, your beans are best enjoyed within two weeks of roasting. Thereafter some of the aroma and taste dissipates and if not used within a month, the original characteristics are lost. Within two months of roasting, beans can be classified as stale.   The freshness is what sets apart purchasing your whole beans from a micro-roasting, specialty roaster like Strictly Coffee, and buying your coffee at more commercial outlets. Specialty coffees are delivered whole and in quantities conducive to consuming the entire stock while still fresh.

Due to the personalised nature of our specialty coffees, not only can you obtain single- or unblended coffees, but also a much broader variety of blends than that on offer from the commercial coffee market.   The coffees are supplied in a variety of packaging, ranging from portion packs ground for filter machines (e.g 90g) to beans for espresso machines in kilogram packs. For the retail market, a foil pack with non-return valve ensures that the coffee stays fresh for Vintage Tea Sets on the shelf.

THE ROASTING PROCESS Roasting is not an action, but an art. Although there are many ways in which to use the coffee plant – from berries to husks and even leaves – the success of coffee in the modern world lies in our ability (the discovery) to roast the beans.   A delicate process in which beans must be heated and kept ‘moving’ until they are not too hot, not too burnt or not too over exposed. An artisan roaster will know the exact moment at which the transformation of the green bean is complete – when it begins to crackle and it delivers a brown bean, almost double in size – rich in aroma and flavour. Beans are then cooled and stored, ready for you to collect and enjoy.

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