The Art and Science Behind Roasting Exceptional Coffee

Posted by:strictlycoffee onMarch 19, 2013

The Art and Science Behind Roasting Exceptional Coffee At Strictly Coffee we start off by selecting only the highest quality, specialty-grade coffees from coffee growing regions around the globe. This ensures that the cup quality we attain will exceed your expectations each and every time you drink a cup of Strictly Coffee, coffee. Prior to bringing in any coffee it must pass our rigorous quality standards. We meticulously roast, cup and score each of the coffee samples we bring in before committing to a single bag of coffee for production. Of course, the solid relationships we have with our buyers have been built over the years and we have significant amount of confidence and trust in their recommendations. After selecting our core line-up of coffees, the real fun begins – blending, roasting, branding, marketing and distribution. Sourcing great coffees from reputable growers and processors is only the beginning. There are seven (7) process control elements that we have implemented to achieve consistent results that you can taste. 1) Green Coffee Procurement 2) Sample Roasting & Analysis 3) Blend Development & Cupping 4) Silo System Programming 5) Roasting & Batch Logging 6) Color Scoring, Sampling and Tasting 7) Packaging Of course, even with all of the science and technological advancements that have been made over the course of history in the coffee roasting industry, some things just cannot beat experience. Our approach to the roasting process is still a very large part of what defines the quality and craftsmanship of our coffees. Our Barista’s have taken  years of experience and respect for perfection and translated it into wide variety of signature blends  Our products are available for purchase by the cup in our cosy coffee shop in Robertson and also from our online Coffee Club.

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