Which Coffee Drink is right for you?

Posted by:strictlycoffee onDecember 23, 2012

When entering a coffee shop, even the biggest coffee lover can become overwhelmed with the abundance of choice they are presented with. “Do I go for one shot, or two?” “What flavor bean shall I have?” We have put together a guide for every life style which hopefully will help you find your way to the perfect coffee for you.

“Pretty Lady” – These ladies tend not like the taste of strong coffee too much, so blending the coffee bean with something sweet would match their taste buds perfectly. More importantly, these ladies do not want their make-up to sweat off their face and so will want to avoid an overly hot drink at all costs. Strictly Coffee recommendation: Latté
 “Alpha Male” – James Bond! You wouldn’t catch these guys drinking a frothy Cappuccino. Strictly Coffee recommendation: Choose an Espresso and if you’re feeling adventurous or extra-manly, opt for two shots.
The “Writer” – If you sit in coffee shops with your laptop, glasses and woolly jersey then this applies to you. These deep-thinker types need their thirst for details and intricacy to be met; something too simple and plain will not appeal to the J.K.Rowling’s of the world. They love experimenting with different blends. Strictly Coffee recommendation: Indonesian Kopi Luwak
The “Stressed Out Mum” – These women need a break from their daily lives of constantly tidying away after children, their husbands included, and so need to be taken to world which is filled with silky smooth coffee blends and traditional-tasting coffee beans. Strictly Coffee recommendation:  A nice frothy Cappuccino.

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