Coffee Trends 2012 and beyond

Posted by:strictlycoffee onOctober 22, 2012

Today’s coffee drinkers do more than just pour hot water over instant coffee crystals. Today’s  coffee drinkers can have a mug filled with steaming brew made in a variety of ways and from beans sourced from around the globe. As the craft coffee culture continues to grow, new trends have emerged, here are just a few, which are your favorites?


The Pour Over

What it is: Leaving the basic drip method of brewing behind, this style makes each cup an individual experience. First  pack a ceramic (or metal) cone with a filter and fresh grounds; next, slowly pour hot water over the coffee in a steady stream, which drips out pure and extremely fresh.



Artisanal Drip Coffee

What it is: Everyone knows the basic way to make coffee, but with new technology, this method is having a renaissance. In America they use artisanal drip coffee makers, with a price tag that runs in the hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Light Roasted Coffee

Coffee beans start out green and from there can be roasted super dark like an Italian or French roasts; medium brown like city or American roasts; and finally light brown. The paler beans include the cinnamon and New England roasts and tend to give the coffee heavier acidic tones but, according to the experts, this style also brings out more of the natural qualities.

Iced Coffee

A big trend this summer is cold brewing coffee instead of adding ice to hot coffee or letting the already brewed coffee cool off. This method employs course-ground beans and cold water, about a ratio of one part coffee to four parts water. You soak the grounds for at least 12 hours, then strain and serve.

Sourcing Beans

Just how detailed packaging for meat has boomed, coffee growers have started adding information on their actual bags of beans. “Now it’s not only the country, but also the region, the name of the farmer and sometimes the elevation it’s grown at,” that you can read on the packaging

Micro Roasting

Local has a new meaning in the coffee world as increasingly small shops have started roasting their own small batches of beans. For example, even though Strictly Coffee only has one location, we roast our own beans and sell them to local businesses and on our online shop.

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