“Lets Chat over Coffee”

Posted by:strictlycoffee onJune 22, 2012

How often have you heard, or even said, “Let’s chat over a cup of coffee”? Starbucks even built an empire through the social aspect of sitting down and discussing stuff over a coffee. It is said that if you are selling your house, brewing a pot of coffee will immediately evoke the right atmosphere when people come round to view the property. Perhaps the aroma contains some kind of natural relaxant.

Coffee is a very versatile drink. Like your favorite web browser, it comes with various plug-ins and features. Syrups to add flavor, hot milk, frothy milk or add your favorite tipple for something a little special. It can be served in plain old mugs or cups or you can embellish the moment with a more exotic vessel like Greek handmade copper cups. Of course, aside from the mug you drink from or the additions you put in it, the coffee itself is one of the most eclectic ingredients you could hope to find.


Each different variety has its own unique flavor; each bean can be roasted pretty much however you want though there is an art to roasting, which is a process that actually transforms the bean. A complex chemical process occurs during roasting where caramelization occurs, breaking down the starch and turning it into sugar, which browns the bean (it actually starts off green). Oils and acids within the bean change and develop, altering the flavor and caffeol is created. It’s caffeol that gives us the flavor and aroma of the coffee.

So the next time you say, “lets chat over coffee” give a thought to how many people around the world are doing exactly the same thing!. We hope your next cup of coffee and chat is at Strictly Coffee in Robertson, if you can’t make it to our coffee shop then why not try our coffee club for your home orders.

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