Coffee not just for drinking?

Posted by:strictlycoffee onMay 13, 2012

Besides being the much needed boost in the morning, coffee is also being increasingly used as a cosmetic. There are a lot of products that now make use of coffee in order to help you take care of your skin.

Source Of Antioxidants


CoffeeBerry is a range of patented product that has been developed by VDF FutureCeuticals, Inc. and that make use of the antioxidants properties of the coffee fruit. Research that has been published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry has shown that the antioxidants found in coffee fruit is 25-times higher than those present in coffee powder.


These properties have allowed the development of a whole range of beauty products that is laden with powerful antioxidants in order to keep your skin in good health. Who said that coffee was bad for your health?

Many other companies have started making use of Coffeea Arabica or Green Coffee in creams meant for skin-smoothening and anti-ageing purposes. The Academy of Dermatology in the US has given a nod to this nutrient as a promising advancement in the beauty industry. Coffeea Arabica basically works by helping in getting rid of free radicals. It is said to have astringent qualities which helps in rebuilding skin damaged by UV rays.

Cosmetic products, such as coffee-flavored lip balms, are affordable and easily available. Green coffee extract and shea butter form the main ingredients of many conditioning balms. Other coffee-enriched products include Coffee Butter and Mochacchino Butter that promise silky smoothness. These products claim to provide protection from UV light, quick penetration of cream into skin, excellent moisture retention and have, of course, a strong aroma of yummy coffee.

Other cosmetic options available are lip colors made out of coffee. Some of the popular cosmetic brands have come up with a range of lip liners and lipsticks that primarily contain coffee seed oil and other organic ingredients such as beeswax, seed oil, pomegranate, aloe, cocoa butter, ginseng, and chamomile. Coffea Arabica also helps lipstick spread smoothly.

Coffee Body Scrub

Coffee is an effective body scrub especially when it comes to dealing with cellulite and varicose veins. In fact it is the caffeine that is present in coffee that helps in redistributing the fat content in our skin thus serving as an effective cellulite remedy.

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