A day in the life of a Barista

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Most barista’s spend the majority of their day taking and making custom drink orders. Most seasoned barista’s have the numerous customizable options memorized, and pride themselves on creating their own signature coffee.


Gregory – Barista Strictly Coffee


If you are interested in taking your coffee brewing skills to the next level,then read on…

So what is a Barista?

A barista is the person called the “coffee bartender”, and is usually someone who works in a coffeehouse. Barista is actually an Italian term that literally means “bartender ” and has become popularized in American culture, probably due to Starbucks slang. Many people actually begin to consider themselves to be a “coffee sommelier”, which is an expert coffee professional who is experienced in coffee and espresso drinks as well as knowledgeable in all types of coffee beans and blends.





Here are some things that you will need to know as you begin your journey into expert coffee preparation…

– Take the time to explore different coffee roasts and beans to bring out the inner coffee “sommelier” in you.

– Practice your tasting skills  so that you can easily taste test the difference between roasts. (This is not just a party trick, it is something that will be very useful in your coffee preparation career)

–  As with a wine taster, you too must be able to tantalize your taste buds with all that each specific coffee roaster has to offer.

– Every single customized coffee blend has a story to tell, so what is it telling you? Is it dark? Light? Chocolatey? Smokey?

Tony – Strictly Coffee Barista

These are all things that your need to know as you embark on your coffee education and begin to recommend specific coffee beans and roasts to other people. Next, you will want to focus on your coffee and espresso brewing practice. This is something that can be perfected by repetition, With enough practice you will soon be able to pull shots and steam milk simultaneously, all the while creating multiple drinks for your family and friends. Start by learning the basics, such as making espresso shots, cappuccinos, and lattes, and from there you can begin your own drink creations.

Having your own signature drink is something that is completely imperative to becoming a top notch a barista, and you may be interested to know that this is one of the main things that the contestants are  judged  on  at the World Barista Championships. With this goal in mind, just know that nothing is off limits to you as a coffee connoisseur and brew master. If you begin to roast your own beans at home, you can have even more control over the coffee taste and blending process that you use in your drink creations.



As a final note, focus on using optimal temperatures in all of your espresso and coffee purring, so you know that you are always producing the best drink possible. This is your time to shine as you learn. If  you would like to know more about becoming a Barista and would like to  observe a professional Barista at work, pop into Strictly Coffee in Robertson. Our friendly Barista’s Gregory and Tony are always on hand to provide advise to budding brew masters.

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