Malawian Coffee

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Malawi Coffee is meticulously processed and graded, using internationally approved standards and quality control measures, to provide a high quality offering.  Relatively unknown, Malawi coffee has of recent times made extensive developments in quality control, throughout from coffee producing (from harvest to green bean), in the brewing and cupping thereof and finally in packaging and marketing. This revolution has resulted in the emergence of an exciting, fresh, flavorful cup that can be compared with the finest of East African Coffee.


Coffee in Malawi grows in high areas, with elevations starting from 1,000 metres above sea level. It is mainly cultivated in the mountains of the Northern Region, where climate conditions are particularly good for the crop.

Malawi Coffee is grown at altitudes from 1200m to 2500m. This coffee embodies the softer, more floral and fruity style of East Africa coffee: sweet, delicate, shyly bright. You will taste tropical and summer fruit from this cup, with juicy mangos, passionfruit and tangerines dominating (some people get orange zest as well), with wild strawberries and a little apple peeking through in the undertone.

Malawian coffee tends to be softer on the palate and have lower acidity than its African counterparts. The acidity is bright and lively, really making the fruits come alive in your mouth. The body is moderate at first and compliments the flavours well, then as the coffee cools, it becomes extremely syrupy and thick in the classic African dry processed way. The sugars come into play then and you could be mistaken for thinking this was warm mulled juice with a hell of mule kick to it. The finish is slightly spicy and sharp, but balances out with a lingering sweetness.

This coffee works best in the cafetiere or other gentle brew methods, and drunk without milk. The Strictly Coffee, Coffee club has stock of Malawian Coffee, why not give it a try.

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