A Taste of Africa – ETHIOPIAN COFFEE

Posted by:strictlycoffee onJanuary 23, 2012

Ethiopian Coffee is among the worlds most unusual, offering a range of flavors from winey to fruity. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is soft, with floral tones and is one of the best choices for iced coffee. Coffee from Ethiopia is a delight that shouldn’t be missed!

A Taste of Africa –  ETHIOPIAN COFFEE

Ethiopia is the original birthplace of coffee. The coffees from this country are deserving of such a heritage and stand up to the calling. Coffees from the different growing regions vary so incredibly that they do not even seem to be from the same planet!

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee are amazing and unique coffees. Yirgacheffe is a town in the Sidamo region of Ethiopia, and the coffees from this region will surprise you with it’s floral and tangerine notes, even the grounds have an exotic tropical toasted coconut aroma that will knock you over with its charms.

Another amazing growing region within Ethiopia is the Harrar region. Harrars are wild coffees. The term is a fancy name for dry process or natural coffee where the coffee fruit dries on the bean, imparting the flavors of compote fruit and dark rich chocolate. Harrars are this and more! You will taste blueberry jam, cocoa, and maybe even a touch of cinnamon and cardamom in these amazing coffees.

Coffee holds a special place in Ethiopian culture that transcends that of the coffees from other origin countries. The majority of the crop does not even leave the country and is drunk with great ceremony by the Ethiopian people.

One taste of an excellent Ethiopian coffee and you will understand this passion for the bean. Try some today – Ethiopian Coffee available from our Coffee Club

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