Coffee Etiquette

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Coffee Etiquette

Unlike any other beverage, COFFEE is a UNIVERSAL product – the “queen of drinks” that goes with anything!

Coffee can be consumed on every occasion along with any other product and is intended for just about everyone. Due to its specific qualities, it cannot be put in any category of beverages and represents a category of its own, a unique drink, admired in every culture in the world.

Below are a few tips on Coffee Etiquette to make sure you look the part while enjoying your favorite beverage:

How to hold the coffee cup
Coffee after meal is normally served in small cups with small handles. You can’t put your finger through the cup handles. However, even with bigger cups, do not put your fingers through it. The right way to hold the coffee cup is to pinch the coffee cup with your thumb and forefinger.

How to use the coffee spoon

Coffee spoon is used to stir the coffee. Take it out and put it on the tray when you are drinking the coffee. Don’t use the spoon to drink the coffee or to mash the cubic sugar.


What if the coffee is too hot? 
Use the coffee spoon to stir and cool down the coffee if it’s too hot, or just let it cool down by itself. It’s very rude to try to make it cool by blow it with your mouth.

How to use the coffee cup and saucer
The coffee cups and saucer should be put in front or on the right side of the drinker with the cup handle pointing to the right. When you drink the coffee, use the right hand to hold the cup by pinching the cup handle and the left hand to hold the saucer, slowly move it close to the month and taste the coffee. Do not hold the whole cup with you hand and swig the coffee and do not make noise when drinking the coffee. When adding coffee to the cup, do not hold up the cup.

Coffee and Snack
It’s normal to have snack when drinking coffee but do not hold the coffee cup with one hand and snack the other. Put down the snack when you are drinking the coffee and do not hold the cup when you are eating the snack.

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