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Posted by:strictlycoffee onDecember 11, 2011

It gives us great pleasure to announce the winner of our Jura ENA 9 – One Touch Coffee Maker…

Drum Roll please………………………………………

Congratulations to  HENK VanDer WESTHUIZEN (photo to follow)
We asked Henk to share with the Strictly Coffee Coffee Club members some information about his life and his love of Coffee, here’s what he had to say?

SC – Are you a new or existing Coffee Club member Henk, and whats your favorite coffee so far?

HvdW – I order every month and so far my favorite coffee has to be the Zimbabwe. I started ordering in May after I saw an article in the  SAA  in-flight magazine. As I was an existing client I was automatically entered into the competition, each time I ordered I would joke that the coffee machine was mine. LoL 

SC – Are you a Facebook Fan?

HvdW – No I’m am not a Facebook Fan, not my cup of Coffee

SC – So what do you do for a living Henk?

HvdW – I work at BKB Grainco as an operations manager. I was recently transferred from Cape Town to Kimberly

SC – Tell us a little about you Henk?

HvdW – I am 39, married to and angel and have a beautiful daughter, Lisa who’s 3. Lisa loves to smell Daddy’s Coffee and play with the coffee beans.

SC – What do you think is the best coffee?

HvdW – I believe the best coffee is the one that’s in your hand. I strongly believe that instant coffee should be banned. LoL

SC – Can you share your secret to making a great cup of coffee with us?

HvdW -I like to grind the coffee beans as I need them. I prefer to use borehole water to make coffee, if its not available then I add a pinch of salt to the water. Once the water is boiled I let it stand for +- 2minutes so the coffee doesn’t burn when I mix it in. I preheat my plunger and mugs before adding the coffee. I use an egg timer to ensure my coffee brews for exactly five minutes. I warm my milk to 45 degrees, I pour in the milk first and then the coffee.

This is my wind down time after a hard day. My wife, Heidi who normally doesn’t drink coffee, will always ask for a cup the moment she smells the fresh beans.

SC – How do you find the service from Strictly Coffee’s Coffee Club?

HvdW – From the time I place my order the coffee arrives within 3 days, the second time I placed an order I was charged R55 for an item that actually cost R130. Rather then re charge me Strictly Coffee told me not to worry and t consider the difference an early Christmas present.  I knew then that Strictly Coffee really cared for their clients.

SC – Any final words Henk?

HvdW – I would just like to thank you for this great prize, it means allot to me and it is very appreciated. Well done Strictly Coffee, you guys are great.



Our winner - Henk - Well done to you Henk hope you enjoy your prize




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