Who has the Caffeine Clout?

Posted by:strictlycoffee onNovember 15, 2011

While it is generally agreed that coffee has more caffeine than tea, you will occasionally hear someone say that it is the other way around. There is a good reason that some confusion exists as to the actual levels of caffeine in tea vs. coffee.

 In Terms of Weight

By weight, tea wins hands down for caffeine content. But the same amounts of tea and coffee are not used to brew the same quantity of beverage.
More Coffee Per Cup

One ounce of coffee beans might brew 1 to 3 cups of coffee, depending on your preference. One ounce of tea can make 20 to 30 cups. Many teas can also be brewed two to three times, increasing that number to 40 to 90 cups. If we are talking about coffee vs. tea consumption, coffee has more caffeine.
< Although espresso, which is brewed very quickly using pressurized steam and more beans per brew has more caffeine ounce per ounce than coffee that is prepared using the standard drip method, espresso drinks usually don't contain much more than one or two shot glasses worth of espresso.  Brewing Tea

Depending on the type of tea (white, black, green or oolong), and whether a prepared bag is used, or tea leaves are measured out by hand, there can also be a great deal of variance in the caffeine content of teas. However, according to Stash Teas, the range of caffeine content for 8 ounces of white, green and black tea was between 15 and 50 milligrams.
Bottom Line, Coffee Has More

Although there are different ways of brewing both tea and coffee, and tea leaves contain more caffeine by weight, when it comes to standard tea and coffee beverages, ounce for ounce, coffee will almost always have more caffeine.

Many factors influence caffeine levels in coffee, so the amounts for each drink can vary widely. However, this general guide can help you determine about how much caffeine is in your coffee drink.

Drip Brewed Arabica Coffee (6 oz) – 80-130 mg (often around 110 mg)
Drip Brewed Robusta Coffee (6 oz) – 140-200 mg
Drip Brewed Passiona Excelsa/Arabica Low-Caffeine Coffee Blend (6 fl oz) – 40-60 mg
Drip Brewed Decaf Coffee (8 oz) – 2-12 mg
Instant Coffee (8 oz) – 27-173 mg (often around 65 to 90 mg)
Instant Decaf Coffee (8 oz) – 2-12 mg

What about Espresso caffeine levels? Caffeine in Espresso

Espresso, Single Shot – 29-100 mg (often around 75 mg)
Espresso, Double Shot (Doppio) – 58-185 mg (often around 150 mg)
Decaf Espresso, Single Shot – about 8 mg
Decaf Espresso, Double Shot (Doppio) – about 16 mg

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