Making The Perfect Cappuccino

Posted by:strictlycoffee onSeptember 8, 2011

Cappuccino has many definitions depending on where you are in the world. In Italy, it’s a beverage generally consumed first thing in the morning, and it’s espresso and steamed milk. Here in South Africa the term has been used often to refer to something that’s a much foamier beverage than a latte.

The Perfect Cappuccino


If you find yourself staring blankly at your Jura ENA 9 OTC espresso machine, (see our competition for details of how you can win your very own machine) then don’t fear because there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Even an expert barista has to start somewhere.

The ingredients that you will need for your perfect cappuccino creation are freshly ground espresso beans, (we recommend the Strictly Coffee House Blend) and milk.

Strictly Coffee House Blend

Begin by making sure that your metal pitcher is completely chilled because this will make your microfoam an even better quality. Fill your metal pitcher with milk about three quarters of the way full, and you want to make ensure that the milk that you are using is completely fresh and not left over from being steamed previously.

Put your thermometer inside of your pitcher, and begin steaming your milk to start the frothing process. You’ll want your steam wand to be inside your milk at a diagonal angle, and you must keep it just below the surface of the milk for the best foam product. For a perfect cappuccino, you want the majority of your steamed milk to be foam. Steam your milk to 150°F because you do have to keep in mind that the temperature of the milk itself rises as it sits after the steaming process, and you do not want to scald your milk in any way. After you have finished steaming, put your milk back in the refrigerator for about 30 seconds so that the foam has time to set.
During this time, you will  place the Strictly Coffee House Blend grounds into the machine, that’s it – one touch no messing about with a  portafilter.

You can then freshly brew your espresso shot with a beautiful crema on top, and the whole brewing process should take about 30 seconds. Pour your shot of espresso into your cappuccino cup, and then begin slowly pouring the steamed milk as you hold back the foam with a spoon. Pouring shots is an art form: A perfect shot has a fluid heart, minimum body and a great hazelnut colored crema (or foam) on its surface, preferably with a reddish glare. A “perfect shot” is pulled inside of 17-23 seconds.

Fill your cappuccino cup half full of steamed milk, and then use your spoon to scoop the foam on top of the steamed milk.

If you would like your cappuccino to be drier, then you can use less milk or all foam, depending on your liking. For a wet cappuccino variety, you will want to use more steamed milk with just a dollop of foam on top. Avoid any bubbles in your steaming process so that your foam is of a completely professional quality.


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