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“While many agree that making a good cup of espresso coffee is an art within itself, ‘coffee art’, also known as ‘latte art’, refers to creative patterns made from the velvety milk foam skillfully poured into a rich crema-crowned espresso coffee.”

Coffee/Latte Art is essentially an endless endeavor of creative expression, which can be created by various methods (explained in more detail below) including;

Baristi all around the world are skillfully talented and creative coffee-making individuals who are the true creators of coffee art masterpieces.

Coffee and/or Latte Art is created by:

Needle Etching
Coffee/Latte art stencils


Is a skillful style of “free-pouring” velvety smooth steamed/foamed milk into a “perfect shot” of crema-crowned espresso coffee. The person pouring has a practiced hand (and wrist!) that masterfully creates an attractive pattern or design on the surface of the resulting latte or cappuccino.
Coffee/latte art can be particularly difficult to create consistently, due to the demanding conditions required of both the espresso shot and milk texture.
This method however is limited by the experience of the barista (coffee-making individual) and the professional quality of the espresso machine. Free-pouring coffee/latte art is a critical skill which can take years to master. A barista is like a “Gretzky” doing the same thing over and over again until he finally becomes an expert coffee/latte artist!




Is a form of Latte art which can be created or embellished by simply “drawing” or “etching” the espresso coffee throughout the top layers of the velvetly milk foam. It’s certainly not the pro barista “free pouring” style but it is an easy alternative to creating stunning coffee art if “free-pouring” is too difficult for you.
Needle Etching is done by using either a toothpick, end of thermometer, or end of a cocktail stirrer (just to mention a few gadget examples) to pull the darker espresso coffee colors through the rich, white milk foam






Very easy “Coffee or Latte Art Stencils” are a practical and easy method to creating money-saving coffee art creations – which anyone can do (including me!) A plastic (or stainless steel) cut-out stencil is placed on top of the freshly poured hot milk foam (which has just been poured into the espresso coffee).
You rest the stencil on top of cup (milk foam), then sprinkle cocoa powder or cinnamon (or favorite powdered topping) on top of the stencil to form a consistent blanket of powder.
By gently pulling the stencil design away – voila! a attractive coffee art has been created on your favorite coffee-based beverage.


At Strictly Coffee we call this art in your Cup!

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