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Posted by:strictlycoffee onAugust 1, 2011

Hanno hard at work roasting

The world of coffee in South Africa is vast and deep. Coffee can be found anywhere from our homes to our businesses to our hotel rooms. Coffee is ingrained into our culture and way of life. Every day millions of South Africans choose from instant coffee, prepackaged ground or wholebean coffee, local roasters and mailorder roasters. But what distinguishes one coffee from another? Why should you buy Brand A over Brand B? At first glance it may seem that it is merely a matter of personal preference, but there are some important criteria to choosing the best coffee.

Quality of the Bean – Almost all coffees are from either the Arabica or Robusta variety of coffee tree. Within the Arabica variety (the finest beans), many countries offer a further classification for bean quality.

Each roaster should carefully sample their beans prior to purchase to insure premium quality.

Quality of the Roast – Roasting is an art that requires expertise, experience, and sheer talent. While science is involved in roasting, the best roasters are artists because the creative talent they possess enables them to develop better instincts for the perfect roast. Each coffee from each country in the world requires its own roast to bring out the best possible flavor profile for that bean. It is important to have a roaster who is constantly cupping (taste-testing) and bringing the coffee to its peak potential.

Freshness of the Roasted Coffee – The flavor in coffee comes from the gases and oils trapped inside the bean after roasting. As soon as the coffee is removed from the roaster, it begins to give off these essential elements. Coffee is best within two weeks of roasting, but can be used for up to a month if kept airtight in a dark place. Shipped coffee should be packaged immediately after roasting so that the fullest flavor is insured for the enjoyment of the coffee lover.

At Strictly Coffee, we offer each of these essential components for the best coffee. Our selection of beans has been carefully chosen and constantly tested. Hanno, our roaster, has over 14 years experience with coffee and possesses a wealth of coffee knowledge. Our creative edge, Hanno has an amazing palate that can distinguish subtle flavors and nuances, enabling him to bring each coffee to the peak potential. Each gram of coffee is packaged after it cools from the roaster to trap as much freshness as possible, then immediately shipped.

Why Strictly Coffee? Because you will find the Rare Coffee Difference. Coffee like you never knew existed from a place that knows how to do coffee.


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